Images and Flavours of Tuscany (Part 1)

Hello lovely readers. It has been awhile… That’s because I have been diverted from Chinese cooking and my Big Green Egg while we spent some time in Tuscany. We went there to join our friends Solange and Agustin in the celebration of their twins first birthday near Pisa and took advantage of the opportunity to unwind in the coastal area of the province south of Livorno.
I love this part of Italy which is a bit off the beaten track and generally not as well known by Irish holidaymakers as the tourism honeypots of Sienna, Florence and the Chianti region.
It always takes me time to get back down to earth when I return from Italy so before I post my latest Chinese recipes here are some picture post card impressions from the trip. I hope they will be useful to you if you get a chance to visit that part of the world.
Our base – Fonte Alla Lepre

Fonte Alla Lepre

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